What is therapy?

A conventional therapies usually requires that the person concerned is ill. In this way, this disease is abetted by this further (negative?) Energy flows. The approach taken by The Sound of Soul is to focus on the good in people and talk about Healthy thus creating a lack of energy or vibrations through the body’s own conscious awareness to bring back into line.

The listening experience and his self in the here and now causes an inner letting go of fears and worries. It helps the body to bring itself back into line and thus the best possible way to enable self-healing powers.
The result is deep relaxation and the joy of a perception of its own beauty without (otherwise generally normal) rating. (Read more about the separation of the true self through thought).

The oscillation itself is free of terms such as illness or death, the definitions are only human. By Sound of Soul meet yourself – your heartbeat, regulating your inner strength in the form of music and color, without the usual accompanying fear is always a negative review.
It awakens in you the awareness that the vibration of your heart beat is so unique as your fingerprint.
This means that every person plays an absolutely unique individual life melody.

Sound of Soul by Aqua Quinta is merely a reflection of what it allows itself in sound and color in the here and now reflect.

Who is Luzia Wolf?