What is Sound of Heart and Soul?

SOUND OF HEART AND SOUL is an innovative product; it makes it possible for you to experience, in real time, music and light based on your heartbeat, also called the HRV (heart rate variability). Yourself, your inner vibration, your heart, plays this music. This can support you to stay healthy and to improve your health.

SOUND OF HEART AND SOUL’s approach is to consider the body as a perfect organism that tries to maintain alive the body with each heartbeat. The music of your heart based on your heartbeat is all benefit to the body, there is no adaptation required.

The heart is a reactive organ; it reacts to all influences (like water) and does not differentiate between good and bad, stress and calming factors. It simply reacts. A threat, a fear, is it real or imaginary, put the heart in a stress condition.

The listening of our own vibrations allows us to let go of our fears and blockades, we experience ourselves in the perfect beauty free of thoughts and values in the Here and Now, and it allows finally to regulate in the best possible way our own body.




Different colors have a different effect on the soul and on our body; and it can be used accordingly as a support and healing element. The color therapy is based on this recognition. Since centuries the effectiveness and meaning of colors is known. Later on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe got involved intensively with this thematic. The founder of the modern color therapy is Edwin D. Babbit. In his book “The Principles of Light and Color” published in 1878, he describes the use and effects of the various colors.

Sound of Heart and Soul generates through the sounds the corresponding lights. You experience your own music with the adequate light spectrum. You hear yourself and at the same time you experience your music as colors. A Led lamp connected to the system is directed through the sounds and you will see the color corresponding to the sound, i.e. if you play a C you will see a green.


The goal is to develop the self-healing powers in your body through regular listening to your music.

Offer you new possibilities for self-healing.

Listen regularly to the heart music and give yourself a fuller life. Your health will improve, Sound of Heart and Soul is guaranteed free from side effects.


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40 Year Old Man

52 Year Old Woman

 Flute Violin 40 Year Old Woman

Harp 40 Year Old Woman

JL Couple

Professional Sportsman


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