“I absolutely LOVE it! It immediately connects me to my heart. I get to hear the music of my own heart, literally, and I’m carried away by the sound. It’s angelic and heavenly. My soul yearns for it. It speaks of a beauty so indescribable and deep, and it gracefully reconnects me to the glorious truth of who I am. Thank you for this wonderful gift. Blessings!” Lt. Ch. Pacello., Los Angeles, CA.

“After listening to my lovely harp music at bedtime for the past 3 months I now sink into a relaxed state immediately with the first gentle sounds. I find my stress slips away and my mind quiets down as my head hits the pillow. It is good to know I can recommend Sound of Heart and Soul music to all my patients with sleep problems and stress.” ~  Rachel Mefferd L.A., Southern California.

“It has made a huge difference in my sleep patterns.  I sleep longer and much deeper than before. My blood pressure is lower than before and even my sugar levels seem more even.  I am a lot calmer and seem to be more focused in my work during the day..” ~ M.L., Southern California.

“I have been listening to the music in the late afternoons–though it’s not become a routine.  I probably do so about 2 or so times per week.  When I most enjoy it is after I’ve been concentrating … It helps to ground me and I find it very soothing. ” K.H, Southern California.

“I didn’t listen to the music when I was away but a couple of days ago I was feeling a bit stressed out and I thought to put the CD in.  As I began listening to the music I began feeling calm and grounded.  I noticed a really big shift in me.  By the time I arrived at my destination … I was feeling pretty good. This has been my experience with the music of Sound of Heart and Soul; calming, grounding and peaceful.” ~ M. Redinger, L.Ac., CMT., Southern California.

“When we are listening to the Sound of Heart and Soul music harmony of my boyfriend and me, we deeply understood and knew why we are so in love, why we are so strongly attracted to each other since many years. It was a beautiful revelation in our bodies allowed through this music.” ~ LMR & SJS, Southern California.

A lot calmer, more focused, sleep better, grounded… How about you or your clients and/or patients?

Great testimonials from professionals in the Healthcare who are using Sound of Heart and Soul in Europe where it’s called Sound of Soul.

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