About Me


I am deeply concerned about the quality in our lives; and quality of live starts in our body. We do have enormous potential within our body for self-healing. That’s the reason I am fascinated about Sound of Heart and Soul and my vision is to make it possible that this new technology will touch as many people as possible.

In 2011, I became a certified Sound of Heart and Soul Music provider. With my newly created business I provide Sound of Heart and Soul sessions and I am introducing and distributing this new technology to the United States, Canada, Latin and South America.

Furthermore, I’m teaching Sociology and Management at Pacific States University in Los Angeles.
I’m a Doctoral Student in a DBA program at Pacific States University, and my research focus is on Mindfulness at Work.

I’m a Master in Reiki, and I’m a daily practitioner of mindfulness.

My previous schooling includes an Executive MBA with honors at the Peter Drucker School of Management at CGU in Claremont, California.

In my previous career I was a Financial Executive, a Human Resource Manager and a Marketing Manager in the Banking Industry. Prior to that, I was an independent Film Producer in Europe and Africa.


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